The first step in the GAF Lifetime roofing system is the leak barrier. This is placed on the valleys and eaves to add extra protection in more vulnerable areas on the roof. The second is the GAF synthetic underlayment to the entire roof. Synthetic underlayments have become the industry standard far superior to its counterpart tar paper. The next step is to install the GAF duragrip starter shingles to the entire roof perimeter. The duragrip creates a seal on the roof preventing missing and lifting shingles during high winds or micro-bursts. Next is the the GAF Timberline HDZ lifetime shingles. The cobra ridge vent is installed next, this vent helps tremendously with heat management in your attic. The last piece of the system is the GAF hip and ridge shingles to seal the whole system together. Installing every piece of the system and using a GAF certified installer is the only way to have a true lifetime product and labor warranty.


LayerLock Technology by GAF is one of the many innovations they have brought forward recently, propelling the roofing industry forward yet again. LayerLock mechanically fuses the shingles by overlapping the StrikeZone allowing 12 nails per shingle. With this cutting edge technology GAF is now able to offer the roofing industry's first asphalt roofing shingles with NO maximum wind speed limitation. These shingles have helped homeowners rest easy through monsoon season in the valley year after year with no concerns about losing shingles.


On every one of the GAF Lifetime HDZ asphalt shingles you can find a long, thick black strip of adhesive along the entire length of the shingle. Combined with the Duragrip on the starter shingle GAF delivers the most cutting edge sealed roofing system. After the shingle is nailed down using LayerLock technology and the sun's heat activates the Duragrip adhesive it creates a bond between the shingles so revolutionary it is changing the roofing industry standards.


The GAF Lifetime HDZ shingles are engineered with multiple layers to create the strongest shingles on the market. The bottom layer is the Duragrip adhesive , followed by the engineered asphalt, then the layers of high-strength fiberglass core, engineered asphalt, ceramic-coated granules, engineered asphalt, highstrenth fiberglass core, engineered asphalt, and the final layer of ceramic-coated granules. Surpassing industry standards for the quantity of layers used to manufacture their shingles is another testament to their commitment to top quality.